Fiverrr: WHY?

Adam Ondráček
4 min readApr 5, 2018

Why Elon Musk has deleted facebook profiles of SpaceX and Tesla? Why scientists needs more art?

Why Fiverrr? Because this this is selection of five articles based around innovation, marketing communication or psychology. Originally a series written in czech by me, now brought in english for the very first time. This time, a fiverrr on the topic of “higher purpose”. Enjoy the reading.


Google finds STEM skills aren’t the most important skills

Washington Post

Sometimes I think my mother should have sent me to another school. My comprehensive knowledge of german romanticism in literature seem a bit idle nowadays. Much more, when considering others can write down an algorhytm which tells them based on the collour of eyes which girl to invite for gin and tonic and with which one go to the tearoom. However, this article states that the future does not look that bleak for me and fellow souls. Google has done an experiment — algorhytm with cover name Aristotle, which compared data of all hired employees from 1985 up to now. It wa a secedessor of previous algorhytm, Oxygen, whose aim was to search american universities and their alumni directories for people with outstanding grades in STEM curicullum (science, technology, engineering, math). But Aristotle (the algorhytm) led Google to startling conclusion. STEM knowledge was on fifth place after non-STEM skills. What are the four most important skills for Google employee?


STEAM not STEM: Why scientists need arts training

The Conversation

Those of us, who can tell the difference between Alexandrine and Blank verse should have more courage and hope. Within these four mentioned letters is obviously one missing. At least corresponding to Richarda Lachmann, who says there is an A missing. A as ARTS. How can a brilliant mathematician from MIT understand, if there is bigger challenge in optimising pizza delivery system or calculate the movements of sea swell to clear more of ocean’s plastic? He can not. He hasn’t read any existencialist. In the time, when we can invetn and distribute technology to more people faster than few years ago, the abyss between STEM and ARTS is widening. Ad growing social disparity and it creates a perfect field for populist. For which, the dehonestation of inteligence was and always be a core topic. So what should a STEM brainiac do?

How great leaders inspire action

He should not be asking WHAT, but WHY he is doing what he is doing. Is the optimalisation of pizza delivery system backed by a purpose, which the brainiac lives for? Old, but gold, a video by Simon Sinek will explain why is WHY that important in the context of business and inventions.


Roundtable: Where Is Why Going? The State of Brand Purpose

Branding Mag

Does experts like David Aaker, Sara Roberts or Jim Stengel think, that wea re fighting over the soul of capitalism? And is it even posiible to answer the question why? with something else, than in words concerning revenue and yearly results? There are proof of changing habits and opinion between generations. They are easily shown in differences between millenials and generation X. Some of the brands are recognised to loose over 30% of their valuation generations Z and Y will come full buying power. However, the love for “higher purpose” is common for all generations, thinks David Aaker.

In the Transformational Economy, ‘Being’ and ‘Becoming’ Have Started To Merge


Simon Sinek says in video above, that people did not come to support Martin Luther King because of him, but because of themselves. His “why” actually helped milions of people fill in their own identity. However, Jasmine Bina clearly states, the nowadays identities are not, but are becoming. Therefore, do not think about who are the people in your target group, but who they want to become and WHY. Can you help them? Do you match each other?

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